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Why HIIT is the new it thing for Baby Boomer Wellness

High-Intensity Interval Training does more than build strength If you are following us on Twitter (and why wouldn’t you be? ...
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What is Accreditation

What is Accreditation — the Top 5 Senior Living Accreditation Questions

What is Accreditation? Answers to the top 5 accreditation questions around accreditation of Senior Living Communities. 1. What is accreditation ...
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What works: Accelerators vs. Franchisors?

What works: Accelerators vs. Franchisors? It's the 20-Something Accelerators vs. Franchisors for Mid to Late-Career Boomers The high-intensity accelerator model is ...
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Boomers aging with freedom

Baby Boomers Aging with Freedom

Boomers - Aging with Freedom The Baby Boomers’ Third Age The Baby Boom demographic bubble is impossible to ignore. Face ...
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predicting happiness

Predicting happiness in a senior living community

Predicting happiness and success in a senior living community possible? How good are we at preventing loneliness? Predicting happiness in ...
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National Church Residences Home for Life

National Church Residences ‘Home For Life’

National Church Residences Home for Life HUD Pilot Innovates We attended LeadingAge 2016, the annual industry meeting of aging services ...
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sinking fund

Sinking Fund Magic in Retirement Income Budgeting

Balancing ≠ Budgeting ≠ Anticipating Cash Flow with a Sinking Fund(s) You must control spending in retirement. A sinking fund ...
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residential architecture

10 Residential Architecture Trends Coming To Senior Housing

10 BIG Design Trends coming soon to Senior Housing Jessica Mairs, of www.dezeen.com, recently summarized ten big design trends in ...
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3 Steps to Independence for a Booming Retirement

3 Steps to Independence for a Booming Retirement Baby boomers' brand is independence, nee even rebellion. Baby boomers as parental ...
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Masterpiece Living

Masterpiece Living: Are you growing or marking time?

Are you growing or marking time? Masterpiece Living is a benchmarked wellness program in use by some of the leading ...
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fitness tracker

Can A Wearable Fitness Tracker Drive Predictive Analytics For Seniors?

What does a stylish, wearable fitness tracker, a successful college football program, and a well-spoken Georgian all have in common? ...
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The Innovator’s Corner: corner of innovation and aging

On the Corner of Innovation and Aging

Innovator’s Corner On the corner of innovation and aging We like Walgreen’s tag line, “At the corner of happy and ...
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Saving for retirement

Saving for Retirement: 9 Mistakes Smart People Make

Saving for Retirement. It’s a myth that smart people don’t make mistakes. Or that they make fewer mistakes. Smart people ...
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Osteoporosis in Aging

International Osteoporosis Day! Osteoporosis in Aging. World Osteoporosis Day is October 20th. How can you join the celebration? Here’re a ...
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boomer entry age

What Will Be The Baby Boomer Entry Age Into Senior Living?

The senior housing industry is making a consistent mistake. They are overestimating demand. They are overestimating demand by including in ...
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Explore the possibilities

Explore the possibilities: Active Aging Week 2016

Explore the possibilities. Active Aging Week begins next Monday! Are you ready? Every year since 2003, the last week in ...
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Smart Tag

Smart Tag Tile : Bluetooth Tracking Review

Smart Tag and the Tile Tracker When your memory fails you, this smart tag, known as Tile, finds what you misplaced. Okay, ...
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Iron Nun

Iron Nun, Olympics and Taking on Aging as a Sport

Iron Nun, Olympics and Taking on Aging as a Sport The ‘Iron Nun’, the 2016 Summer Olympics and our most ...
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Longevity by Choice not Luck

Longevity. We’ve looked at Masterpiece Living. Masterpiece emphasizes setting personal goals and measuring progress. Implicit in this conscious successful aging ...
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Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo for Retirees who want to declutter Decluttering is part of any downsizing ...
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Judson Park Residents

Judson Park Residents Explain Masterpiece Living

We asked Masterpiece Living for a partner CCRC implementing successful aging well. Masterpiece Living recommended we talk to Judson Park ...
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